Catholic Development Fund

The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) was founded in 1956 in support of our Diocese and Parishes. The Fund was established to raise capital to build much needed Catholic schools.

Today, our strong community support and investment growth continues to assist the broader Diocesan community through our parishes, schools, healthcare, aged care, Chancery administration and the CDF. 

We provide investment opportunities to all community members. Investments are tailored for short, medium and longer term needs. Our investors range from school students, individual parishioners and small business, to large scale institutions - all sharing in the benefit of our local communities. 

The CDF Advantage:
  • No application or annual fees;
  • Competitive credit interest rates;
  • At Call - 31 Day Premium Saver Accounts;
  • Fixed Term investments;
  • Returns re-invested into our local community. 
  • An ethical investments strategy. 
For more information about products and services offered by the Catholic Development Fund, please contact our CDF team on either ph: 02 6334 6400 or email: (remove XX) cdf XX @cdfbathurst XX Alternatively, visit our office located at 118 Keppel St, Bathurst during business hours 11am - 4pm, or access CDF Online

The CDF Terms and Conditions can be viewed HERE

The CDF Customer Acknowledgement Form can be viewed HERE

We thank you for your interest and ongoing support of our Catholic Development Fund and the Diocese of Bathurst. 


AFSL: 497040

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