Bishop McKenna Blesses St Paul's School, Sanis, Nagaland

Bishop Michael McKenna spent this week in the Diocese of Kohima, Nagaland, where he officiated at the opening and blessing of St Paul's School in Sanis on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.

The construction of this school has been made possible through the donation of funds from the Bishop's Annual Christmas Missionary Appeal and the project has been overseen by Catholic Mission, on behalf of the Diocese.

For the past four years, God’s People in the Diocese of Bathurst have provided support to this vital missionary undertaking, that will cement a lasting and enduring relationship between the Dioceses of Kohima and Bathurst. This pastoral outreach from our own Diocese to the Diocese of Kohima has already borne fruit.,with Fr Mathew Humtsoe - a Nagaland born priest - currently on placement in our Diocese for two years. 

Bishop Michael was accompanied by: Fr Matthew Humtsoe, Assistant Priest, Cathedral Parish; Mike Deasy, Diocesan Director, Catholic Mission; Chancellor, Tony Eviston; Katrina Isbester, Principal, All Hallow's Catholic School, Gulgong; Linda Littler, teacher at St. Matthew's, Mudgee; and Christine Eviston, recently retired teacher from the Cathedral Primary School, Bathurst.

"We are united in prayer with Bishop James Thoppil, and God's People of the Diocese of Kohima on the joyful occasion of the Blessing of St Paul's School in Sanis and ask Our Lady of the Central West and St Paul to pray for us", said Bishop McKenna.