Catholic Schools Week 2019 ~ Discover the heart of our schools

Welcoming, Inclusive, Affordable

Catholic Schools Week is being celebrated across the Diocese of Bathurst between 3 to 9 March. The theme for 2019 is Discover the heart of our Catholic schools and our schools are offering a variety of activities and educational initiatives to showcase this theme to members of the community.

Each of our 33 schools from Lithgow in the south to Baradine in the north is part of the long and rich tradition of quality Catholic schooling in this country. One in five students in Australia attends Catholic schools and in the past 24 years, the number of students in Catholic schools has increased by 30 per cent. 

Having contributed to the fabric of Australian society in the past, Catholic schools continue to strive to partner with families and their local community to provide a holistic quality education for students. Founded on the view that each human being is unique, possessing their individual gifts and talents, our schools are professional learning communities relentlessly focused on calling forth and developing each student’s potential.

The great learning which occurs in our schools is reflected in such things as NAPLAN, HSC, Vocational Education and Training awards and success in a wide range of competitions, reflecting the curriculum and extra-curricular activities provided to students by our schools. This highlights the quality teaching practices occurring across our schools and the focus on excellence and high standards.

Our student centred, contemporary learning environments are characterised by the following five key elements:

  • personalised learning
  • engaging and adaptive environments
  • a learning community that develops expertise and collaboration
  • a learning culture that deepens insight and meaning
  • a rich Catholic curriculum and authentic experiences that engage and challenge the learner.

Catholic Schools Week provides the opportunity for the community to become more familiar with the welcoming, affordable, inclusive, quality learning environment which exists in each of our schools. On visiting our schools, you’ll discover all of the ways in which they are providing a safe, welcoming community in which all students can flourish.

You are invited to visit one of our schools, to visit our website and to make an enrolment enquiry and, in so doing, to discover the heart of our Catholic schools.

Mrs Jenny Allen
Executive Director of Schools
Diocese of Bathurst

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