St Matt's students assist in improving breast cancer detection in Vietnam

In collaboration with the University of Sydney, 11 students from St Matthews Catholic School, Mudgee, undertook an experiment to assess the ability of Vietnamese radiologists to detect breast cancer on digital mammograms. The experiment ran over four days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with approximately 50 radiologists being involved in the experiment. 

The students were central to helping the radiologists navigate the software that was being used and were critical in helping to explain the results of the tests to the radiologists. The students were diligent, professional and were able to put into action their critical thinking and problem-solving skills throughout the experiment. 

This research is fundamental in helping to address the health inequities that exist for Vietnamese women, particularly around breast cancer. The results, which will be analysed by our students, will be used to help design education and support programs for Vietnamese radiologists, who unlike Australian radiologists, suffer from the paucity of training programs. We are extremely grateful to the staff of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, who hosted us and the radiologists for giving up their time to make this experiment possible. 

Apart from their research, they had a few days to discover Saigon city and Mekong Delta. They enjoined the food, culture, lifestyle and attended Youth Mass in the city.

We are forever grateful to Professor Brennan and Dr Trieu, from USYD, for providing this opportunity for our students. And a heartfelt thank you to Mrs Colley and Nam Le for their support of our students throughout the whole Vietnam experience. 
Dr Louise Puslednik  
Science Co-ordinator
St Matthew's Catholic School

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