A reduction in school fees for those most in need

For the first time in the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, school fees will decrease in 2019 for the families of 10 primary schools and three secondary schools within the Diocese.

The determination of school fees within the Diocese is based on the principle of a needs-based funding model. This model is in accordance with the recent changes in funding provided by the Commonwealth Government introduced in 2018.

Bishop of Bathurst, Michael McKenna has approved the reduction in fees for schools identified as having a socioeconomic status that allows for further needs-based funding to be directed to the students of these communities.

Diocesan school fees were not increased in 2018. Yet, due to the increased in costs associated with providing education, such as the cost of utilities, salaries and wages as well as resources, a CPI increase of 2.1 per cent has been applied to all school fees for 2019.

However, those schools identified as having a socioeconomic status requiring further needs-based funding will see a reduction of school fees for 2019.

These schools include:



St John’s Primary, Dubbo

La Salle, Lithgow

St Joseph’s, Portland

St Mary’s, Wellington

St Joseph’s, Oberon

St Raphael’s, Cowra

St Joseph’s, Blayney


St Laurence’s, Dubbo


St Lawrence’s, Coonabarabran


St Mary’s, Dubbo


St Mary’s, Wellington


St Pius X, Dubbo


St Raphael’s, Cowra


In addition to this measure, the Capital Works Levy for all schools will not be increased and remains the same amount as 2018.

Bishop McKenna said, “We hope this goes some way to assist families in the Diocese and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to making a quality Catholic Education affordable for all”.

“However, if your family is suffering financial hardship for any reason and finding it difficult to pay school fees, please contact your school principal to discuss options of how we can assist. A family’s financial situation should never be a barrier to accessing or continuing a Catholic education in our schools,” he said. 

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