Bishop McKenna visits Glenray Industries at St Catherine's, Busby St

Less than two weeks after a devastating fire destroyed Glenray Industries commercial laundry and main offices, the team of dedicated staff and management have amazed even itself with how quickly it has been able to rise from the ashes and continue operations as close to normal as possible.

On the day of the fire, the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst approached Glenray to offer the use of the former St Catherine's Nursing Home facility, which is equipped with a commercial laundry. Within 48 hours of the fire, Glenray was able to resume its operations from the new location.

Last week, Bishop Michael McKenna visited with members of the Glenray team and was happy to see the former nursing home facility being put to good use.

"It is wonderful to see the former St Catherine's full of life again. I am happy the Diocese was able to help Glenray in its time of need", he said. 

Bishop Michael met with Mrs Susan Williams, CEO Glenray Industries and Mr Ian Hooper, Glenray Industries board member, who were both extremely grateful for the generosity shown by the Diocese. Mrs Williams said everything has been running as smoothly as possible.

"It is an amazing achievement in just seven working days," she said. 

Glenray's staff, which includes a high number of people in supported employment, are able to sort and pack linen in the new location, with trucks then able to distribute the linen to clients all over the Central West. 

Bishop Michael assured Mr Hooper and Mrs Williams that Glenray where welcome to use the site for as long as necessary. 

As part of the visit, Bishop Michael spent time with some of the supported staff who were keen to show him how they have been helping to make the building feel more like home.

Kimbalee Clews


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