The Diocese provides a lifeline to Glenray Industries after devastating fire

For more than 150 years, the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst has made it its mission to support those in need, especially in the time of crisis. This continues today as the Diocese offers a lifeline to Glenray Industries, as it deals with the tragic loss of its buildings in a fire over the weekend.

Today, the Diocese has provided the use of the for former St Catherine’s Nursing Home facility in Busby Street, Bathurst to Glenray Industries.

Glenray Industries relocated its laundry operations, and some administrative functions, to St Catherine’s Busby Street, as of first thing Monday morning. The Busby Street site has a commercial laundry and office facilities, and will ensure continuity of employment for the team of 70 people employed by Glenray Industries Supported Employment Service.

The arrangement also ensures Glenray Industries can continue to fulfil its service level agreements to its commercial customers with minimal disruption. 

Bishop of Bathurst, Michael McKenna said, ‘Mary MacKillop taught us “never see a need without doing something about it”. We are grateful to God that we have this facility to help Glenray in this moment of need.

‘When taking on the St Catherine’s building, we did so with the aim to provide services to assist people with a variety of needs, including crisis accommodation, as is the case with Glenray Industries,’ said Bishop McKenna.

Catholic Healthcare and the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst continue to work together for the benefit of those people in need of assistance and support, with the Cathedral Parish of Bathurst obtaining the use of the former St Catherine’s Nursing Home facility in Busby Street, Bathurst, late last year.

The Cathedral Parish, Bathurst operates and maintains the building on a leased arrangement with Catholic Healthcare.

Kimbalee Clews

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