‘Discernment both a call and a challenge given to us by the Holy Spirit,’ says Archbishop Costelloe

Plenary Council president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB has written a document to help the church in Australia better understand the practice of discernment. .

In the document, which is accompanied by a short video, the Perth archbishop poses the question: How can we be a constructive part of a renewed church and not initiators of a new church which would, in the end, be our own creation rather than God’s?

The key, he wrote, rests in a careful consideration of what fidelity to the Lord and the Lord’s will for the Church really looks like.

Discernment is “a fundamental principle which guides us all in our engagement with the Plenary Council”, Archbishop Costelloe wrote.

“As we move further into the journey of the Plenary Council it is becoming clearer that simply listening to each other, essential though this is, does not exhaust or complete the task and challenge of discernment. The very listening itself must be an act of discernment.”

Archbishop Costelloe told The Record discernment is both a call and a challenge given to people by the Holy Spirit.

“It is an ongoing process which enables us to listen to what the Spirit is saying as we engage with each milestone on the Plenary Council Journey”, he said.

“In fact, we will need to make this responding to the call and challenge of discernment a feature of the life of the church in Australia well beyond the end of the Second Assembly of the Plenary Council in 2022.”

Download and read the discernment paper and watch a video message from Archbishop Costello HERE

Source: The Record

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