The Dicoese of Bathurst currently has four permanent deacons, serving God's people of the Diocese of Bathurst.

Bishop of Bathurst, the Most Reverend Michael McKenna, ordained Mr Charles Applin and Mr Terry Mahony to the diaconate on Friday, 5thFebruary 2016, at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John, with Mr Josh Clayton and Mr Mike Williams being ordained on 17th February 2017, also at the Cathedral.

Their ordination as deacons is for life and will put them in a new and permanent relationship of service to the Bishop and Christ’s faithful. Although this relationship is with the whole people of God, they now belong in a particular way to the local church of the Diocese of Bathurst.

All four of our permanent deacons are married man with families. Their wives have accompanied them on this journey of discernment and formation and given their consent for the men to make this life-changing commitment, which they will carry out in concert with their commitment to the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Bishop McKenna said, “The new deacons are pioneers of this ministry in the Diocese of Bathurst. They and all of us will learn through trial and error what this call from God will mean in practice. However, we shall not be travelling without a map. The renewal of this ministry after the Second Vatican Council is based on a tradition that reaches back to the earliest days of the Church”.

“They will carry out their ministry across the Diocese in different places at different times, cooperating with the local priest, at my direction. Although sometimes their work may be liturgical (leading or assisting worship; baptising; celebrating weddings and funerals), this will grow out of their broader task of connecting with the disconnected”, explained Bishop McKenna.

Deacons directly help the Bishop in reaching out to people on the edges of Church life. These distances may be geographical (e.g. the smaller and more remote communities of our Diocese); or social and economic; or distances of the heart in faith and practice. They assist with works of charity, catechesis and coordination.

Deacons, like bishops and priests, may join in the many activities and serve in ways which could also be done by the lay faithful; but they represent in these works a particular sacramental presence at the service of ecclesial commuion.

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