Protocols and procedures for visiting clergy and religious

Prior to carrying out a ministry or apostolate within the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, visiting clergy[1] and religious[2] must send the following information to (remove XX) standards XX @bathurst XX at least 14 days before visiting the Diocese: 

  1.     Australian Catholic Ministry Register (ACMR) personal identification number
  2.     New South Wales Working With Children Check Number[3]
  3.     Full official name
  4.     Date of birth
  5.     Location of intended ministry within the Diocese, including Parish
  6.     Details of ministry, eg: Wedding, Baptism, Retreat etc.
  7.     Duration of your visit to the Diocese of Bathurst 

If you do not have an ACMR personal identification number, then you are required to complete the attached Professional Standard documents which include the Personal Statement and Statement by Church Authority. Please email the completed documents, which include the information listed above, to: (remove XX) standards XX @bathurst XX

Once the requirements above been provided and reviewed, you, the parish priest of the place you are visiting and your church authority, will receive an email confirming or declining your visit. 

All records will be securely stored and recorded for future reference and auditing.

Parishes, schools or agencies with visiting clergy or religious, must ensure that these procedures are followed and approval must be received before any event occurs.


[1] Bishops, priests and deacons

[2] Religious sisters, nuns, monks, brothers and friars

[3] For interstate clergy and religious - please supply the WWCC number for your State/Territory. Please note that if you undertake Ministry in NSW for over 30 days - consecutive or otherwise - in a 12 month period, you are required by law to have a NSW WWCC Number.

[4] The Personal Statement and Statement by Church Authority relating to Professional Standards are attached below

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