Council of Priests

In each diocese there is to be a council of priests. This body acts as a kind of ‘senate’ to the bishop and represents all the priests, secular and religious, who are either incardinated or ministering in the diocese.

This council is a creature of the Second Vatican Council and is intended to breathe new life into the old chapter of canons and diocesan consultors. The council is to give expression to that special relationship that exists theologically between the bishop and his priests, a relationship that is sacramental and fraternal

The Bishop is obliged to consult the council of priests on matters of importance and in certain specific instances outlined in canon law. This council is the primary source of counsel to the bishop so that the pastoral welfare of the diocese might be effectively promoted.
Church Administration Handbook, p 151

The current Council of Priests comprises:

Appointed by the Bishop 

Rev Paul Devitt VG

Elected Members

  • Rev Laurie Beath (Chair)
  • Rev Garry McKeown
  • Rev Greg Kennedy 
  • Rev Reynold Jaboneta (Secretary)
  • Rev Greg Bellamy
  • Rev Owen Gibbons
  • Rev Carl Mackander