Word and Faith Groups

A number of parishes have set up a “Word and Faith” group where a small number of people gather together to read and reflect on the readings for the following Sunday.

It is a very valuable tool for those who are reading at Mass on the following Sunday because they are more aware of the message and what God is saying to each of us in the readings.

It is a great initiative where the Liturgy group or some of the parish readers gather together to start a small group. It may be that someone in the parish finds they are called to do this.

It does not have to depend on the availability of the priest.  

Find a suitable meeting space, organise to meet at the same time each week, and start on time. The readings are available to be printed out and there is usually someone in the group who can do this.   

The format is simple

When the group has gathered, recall that Jesus is already present as we gather in God’s name and will be present in a new way to all, when the scriptures are read.

Invite all to a minute of silent prayer, as they open their hearts to God and pray for one another.

Someone reads the Gospel followed by a brief time of silent reflection.

Invite people to repeat a phrase or a word in the reading that spoke to them.

Another person reads the Gospel again.

Invite people to share what the reading or part of it said to them. Remember - we are not asking for general commentary or explanation, but a personal response.

If there is still time, repeat this process with the first reading, explaining that it has been chosen to echo themes in the Gospel.

If there is still time, repeat this process with the second reading for the day.

Close the meeting with the Our Father.

You will find that you will come to know and love the Scriptures more.

I am happy to speak and assist in the setting up of a group in your parish or to speak at Mass.

Click here for information on how to lead a small group and one good website to obtain the Gospel Readings for the following Sunday is United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Please contact me on 0428 741 342 or (remove XX) sralice XX @bigpond XX .com

Sr Alice
Diocesan Faith Education Worker

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