Marriage Tribunal

Marriage breakdown is usually a traumatic experience for all concerned. Many separated and divorced people wonder about their status within the Catholic Church. The Church reaches out in support of those whose marriage has broken down, while upholding the permanence of true Christian marriage.

The Church recognises that the breakdown of marriage has a profound potential for hurt and disillusionment. These concerns are compounded when they impact on another sacrament, namely the Eucharist. Because the sacraments deal with relationships - our relationships with each other and with Christ - misunderstandings can translate into very deep hurts. As a Church, we have a responsibility to develop the great way of life to which we are all called, while at the same time responding with all our hearts to the complexities of human relationships and actions.

The Tribunal is a service of the Diocese of Bathurst to assist with the pastoral care of.....Divorced and remarried persons seeking to have their marriage recognised in the Church; Divorced persons seeking to remarry; Divorced persons seeking clarification of their standing in the Church.

The booklet 'Divorce and the Catholic Church - Frequently Asked Questions' published by the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference, attempts to explain some of the principles underlying the Church's approach to issues around divorce, remarriage and the Eucharist.


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