On 24th May 2012, the Anglican and Catholic Dioceses of Bathurst signed a Covenant.

For many years, the two dioceses have enjoyed a long standing friendship. The Covenant gives formal affirmation to the desire of these two great Traditions in our part of the world to work more intentionally together.

Over 500 people attended the historic Signing, which was held during a joint Anglican-Catholic Clergy day and took the format of a three part Liturgy. Beginning in the Catholic Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John, the congregation processed through the streets of Bathurst to the Anglican All Saints Cathedral, where the signing took place.

“It is a chance to let everyone know the Anglicans and the Catholics are good friends, with a common belief in Jesus Christ,” Bishop McKenna said. We’re making public a reality that is already there and encouraging people to celebrate all that we have in common, rather than our differences.”

Bishop Michael McKenna is a member of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference's Bishops Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-religious Relations.

Anglican Bishop Richard Hurford and Catholic Bishop Michael McKenna sign the Covenant in All Saints Cathedral

Receptive Ecumenism

"People have been talking about receptive ecumenism for around six years now." - Fr Gerard Kelly, Australian Catholic University

To read Fr Kelly's paper on Receptive Ecumenism follow this link.

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