Liturgy Commission

Since its inception in 1997, the Commission has been active in the Liturgical life of the Diocese and beyond. Members have studied Mass settings, proposed new liturgical documents, funerals and their celebrations and the RCIA within the Diocese.

Members have attended both National and State Liturgy Conferences to keep up-to-date and the Commission has:

  • Organised Regional liturgy gatherings throughout the Diocese;
  • Carried out training in the Diocese;
  • Assisted in organising and teaching Pastoral Liturgy programmes from the Catholic Institute of Sydney;
  • Liaised with the CEO and Catholic Schools;
  • Hosted a State Liturgy Conference;
  • Issued material for inclusion in parish bulletins;
  • Conducted workshops in the Introduction of the New Roman Missal;
  • Contributed to the Catholic Observer; and
  • Contributed to the material for comment from the NLC.