Catholic Development Fund

Catholic Development Fund On-Line

The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) is an organisation conducted by the Diocese of Bathurst where you can invest your money while supporting the mission of the Church.

Services offered by the CDF to meet your needs include.....Savings, Koala Club, Christmas Club and Term Investment Accounts.

You can authorise the CDF to take an amount out of your account to make regular bill payments on your behalf.

You can nominate the amount you wish to save from your salary and it will automatically be credited to your CDF account.

Savings Account interest is paid once a year on June 30th.

The most convenient way to transact on your account is via CDF On-Line, or call the Bathurst office at 118 Keppel Street, Bathurst.

For more information phone Freecall: 1800 451 760 (Diocese of Bathurst, NSW).

The CDF Office is located on the corner of Keppel and George Streets, Bathurst
The CDF Office is open for counter service from 10.00am to 4.30pm ~ Monday to Friday