The Leadership for Mission Program for Young Catholic Woman

Leadership for Mission is a joint initiative of the Council for Australian Catholic Women, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Catholic Mission and the Australian Catholic University. It is designed by and for women who are inspired by the Gospel vision of justice, freedom and the dignity of the human person.

Across a series of educational and formative encounters, this unique program brings the leadership experiences of women within the Church together within the context of an academic and collaborative learning environment. Framed by an engagement with scripture, theology, spirituality and leadership, this program encourages participants to reflect on their faith and how it can address the many challenges and opportunities of our contemporary world.

In the company of other women, this program invites participants to explore how and in what ways their personal mission and vocation can contribute to a vision of leadership for the church and society which promotes equity, equality, and reconciliation.


This is a two-year, part-time program structured across four residential sessions in North Sydney and supported through Australian Catholic University’s on line learning management system. Air fares, accommodation, excursions and meals are provided for.

The academic component of this program consists of a total of 40 credit points (cp), comprising four compulsory units (10 cp each). Upon completion, you will be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies by the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy.


This program is open to women aged between 25-35 with diverse personal and professional experiences from across Australia. As this is a Graduate Program you will need to have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in advance.


Complete the online application form which requires you to reflect to on your:

• personal commitment to the Catholic faith
• commitment to improving the quality of life for others
• potential to engage in critical thinking about your own religious tradition
• communication and interpersonal skills
• capacity to engage in a leadership role.

You will also be required to nominate two referees (one of whom should be a priest).


This is a sponsored program. However, you will be required to contribute 20 per cent of the academic fees over the course of two years (a total contribution of $4,000).


The application process is now open and closes on 26 November 2017. Applications and references should be submitted online at: Further information can also be found at this website.

If more information is required, please contact Andrea Dean, Director of the Office for the Participation of Women: (remove XX) director.opw XX @catholic XX or phone (02) 6201 9867

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