Orange Parish celebrates its Sesquicentenary

2014 saw the Orange Parish reached the milestone of 150 years since the formation of the Parish. During the year, various events were held with the culmination of the year taking place over the weekend of 21st - 23rd November. 

A team of committed and talented parishioners worked very hard in the lead up to make this year one to remember for a long time to come. Parish Priest, Father Paul Devitt, said, in thanking the committee, “they all worked to their strengths”. Some spent their time researching the history of the parish while others planned dinners, authored a book, lead people through the historic St. Joseph’s Church with its beautiful stained glass windows.  One member of the team researched some of the past benefactors of the Parish and we remembered and prayed for them on the cemetery tour. 

The launch of the historic exhibition was held on the Friday evening where those in attendance viewed an informative display on the history of the Parish. Parishioners were also able to see the winning art works of the students from Catherine McAuley and St. Mary’s schools.  During the evening, a book on the history of the Parish was launched and here we had the past, present and future before our eyes. 

Ministers of other faith traditions joined us for an ecumenical prayer service on the Saturday.  The Vigil Mass was full to overflowing with many parishioners participating, and the sausage sizzle after Mass was very well received.  On Sunday afternoon, we were treated to a musical event showcasing local talent, which brought joy to everyone’s heart and closed a very successful weekend.

The various celebrations resulted in a wonderful weekend, marking a signifcant milestone is our Parish history. There was a real sense of pride among the parishioners as they looked back, paused in the present reality and prayed for a fruitful future.

Merylin Browne & Helen Saunders

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