Word and Faith Groups

The “Word and Faith” groups were set up throughout the Diocese after the Diocesan Assembly in May 2013 and continue to grow in number throughout the Diocese. The groups are not about the academic study of scripture or theology. Those activities have their place, but not here. They are not discussion groups, either over-structured or going round in circles. They are simple meetings with Christ, who is the Word of God, present in scriptures, speaking to the lives of those who gather to listen and share what touches or puzzles them.

I was fortunate to spend a few days in Dunedoo/Coolah parish where small groups of men and women meet each week to reflect on the Gospel of the following Sunday. Elong, Coolah, Coonabarabran, Dunedoo and Mendooran all have small groups who gather to share faith. It was also wonderful to see that the priests in these places are able to take the time to share with their people. There are many other centres throughout the Diocese that are taking up the challenge as are a number of schools.

I am happy to speak and assist in the setting up of a group in your parish or to speak at Mass.

Click here for information on how to lead a small group and one good website to obtain the Gospel Readings for the following Sunday is United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Please contact me on 0428741342 or (remove XX) sralice XX @bigpond XX .com

Sr Alice
Diocesan Faith Education Worker