Centacare takes part in Stronger Relationships Trial

From 1st July Centacare Bathurst is an authorised provider of the Stronger Relationships trial, which is an Australian Government initiative to help couples have happy, healthy and mutually satisfying relationships.

Up to 100,000 eligible Australian couples in a committed relationship will be able to participate in this twelve month trial by applying for a $200 subsidy for relationship education and/or counselling.

This trial aims to strengthen relationships at the outset by assisting couples to build healthy, strong and lasting relationships for themselves, and thereby a better environment for their children by reducing family breakdown and preventing the future personal, social and economic costs of relationship and family breakdown.

Centacare Bathurst has been working with couples to enhance their relationships for over 25 years through relationship education and counselling programmes. These programmes assist people in improving their communication and conflict resolution skills through any phase of their relationship. We serve an average of 800 families each year and the collective experience of our relationship counsellors and facilitators is well over 200 years!  

Through the Stronger Relationship trial Centacare Bathurst has the following services available to eligible couples:

  • Pre-marriage education (FOCCUS - a couple inventory course or To US a group course)
  • Marriage and relationship education (ReFOCCUS – a couple inventory course or Champagne Relationships – a group course)
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Package of education and/or counselling

Australian couples aged 18 years and over, in a committed relationship can register for the trial by visiting www.dss.gov.au/strongerrelationships and answering a few questions. All eligible couples will receive a subsidy reference number and will need to provide this reference number to Centacare Bathurst prior to their first appointment. Couples are encouraged to book early as there is a limit of 100,000 subsidies available. To make an appointment with Centacare Bathurst please call 6331 8944 or email (remove XX) centacare XX @centacarebathurst XX .com.au

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