Anglican-Roman Catholic Reconciliation

In 2002 the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches in Australia agreed to set aside 4th November as a day of prayer for reconciliation and greater understanding between the two communities.

This move built on a number of significant historic events. .Bonded together by a common faith in Christ and by Baptism, the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches recognise and appreciate the signs of unity that are developing. However, relationships need constant care to grow and deepen. We recognise that relationships between our two Churches have improved in many ways that we now take for granted. We also recognise that new issues arise which can strain our relationship and create the need for greater understanding, there is a need to  keep praying for each other through both the calm and the storm.

Why 4th  November? Holiness is an inspiring gift that is common to both Churches and that we humbly recognize in each other and which we seek together. In the shadow of All Saints Day, 4th November takes courage from the witness of many holy men and women who have lived in both communities.

On 4th November, Anglicans and Roman Catholics are encouraged to pray either individually, as communities or small groups, for greater mutual understanding and reconciliation.

On 24th May 2012, Bishop Richard Hurford and Bishop Michael McKenna signed a covenant between the Anglican and Catholic Dioceses of Bathurst.

(Source: Catholic and Anglican Churches - Brisbane and Toowoomba)