Diocesan Pastoral Council

The Diocesan Pastoral Council has evolved from the first Diocesan Assembly held in 2013. Bishop Michael McKenna announced then, the establishment of a Diocesan Assembly Council. The Assembly Council was established to advise the Bishop on the evaluation and possible implementation of ideas that have emerged so far in the Assembly process. It had the responsibility of advising him on the next steps in this process: including when, where and in what form another gathering might be held in two to three years' time.

Over the past five years, the Assembly Council held various events and meet regularly to further the objectives of the original Assembly. From this process, the Diocesan Pastoral Council was conceptualised and the 48 members of the Council were commissioned by Bishop McKenna at Mass at the Cathedral on Sunday 30 October 2017, as part of the closing celebrations of the Diocese's Sesquicentenary which  included the 2016 Diocesan Assembly, which was held on Saturday 29 October. This saw the gathering of representatives from 16 of our 17 parishes, who will now form the new Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) - the first under the leadership of Bishop McKenna. They were joined by other appointed members including the Vicar General, priests, deacons, Religious and members of the Chancery/Centacare/CEO staff.

The Diocesan Pastoral Council will work together and advise Bishop McKenna on the matters to improve and ensure the sustainability of the Diocese's future. The six work groups established by the Bishop include: Hearing and Proclaiming the Word of God; Worshipping God in Prayer and Sacrament; Building a Community of Love and Service; Participation of Indigenous Catholics; Participation of Young Catholics; or The Domestic Church: Marriage and Families.

These six groups will work together to progress matters in our Diocese that concern their particular apostolate and will report to the Bishop. Each has a Convenor and these six people will meet regularly with the Bishop and ex-officio members, forming a Steering Committee. The Diocesan Assembly will now be an annual gathering of all members of the DPC and the real work of the Council will happen in the workgroups during the year.

 A list and information of all members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council can be found HERE>



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