Chancery/CDF Renovations

Work has now commenced on renovations to the Chancery and Catholic Development Fund (CDF) offices in Bathurst.

The reason for the changes is to bring the operations of the CDF and Chancery offices together, to provide greater efficiency and utilisation of staff resources.

The renovations involve moving the Fund into the space that has, until now, been used as the Conference Room. The Conference Room will then relocate to the CDF offices. This will facilitate the movement of staff between offices and allow for better use of meeting rooms, which will be the end of the building, instead of in the middle.

The Chancery Office entrance will move from George Street, with a single entrance to the Chancery and CDF from Keppel St, allowing for disabled access to the Chancery via the existing ramp there.

Work is expected to be completed in the middle of March 2013.