Cathedral Restoration

The scaffolding is now in place, and over the coming weeks stonemasons will start to look in detail at each stone in the tower to assess the work required on each. Several stonemasons have been chosen to tender for this part of the project, and it is hoped that the work on the restoration of the tower will begin in earnest during the next few months. We are able to start this work due to the generous support given by the many donors to the restoration appeal.

In addition to the essential restoration work required on the Cathedral, we are taking the opportunity to develop an overall master plan for the Cathedral into the future to improve its interior design and function; enhance the precinct and the Cathedral's place within the streetscape and interaction with Machattie Park.

Three firms of architects have been invited to develop this master plan. Each firm has recently submitted these plans for our consideration. Over the next two weekends these concept plans will be on display in the Cathedral Parish Centre for comments and feedback, before and after each mass in the Cathedral on the weekend of February 9-10 and February 16-17.

On February 12 at 7.30pm in the Cathedral Parish Centre there will be a meeting to explain the concept plans. Christo Aitken, the heritage architect for the project will provide input on each of the concepts.

This is part of developing a long term plan for the conservation and maintenance of the Cathedral.